Best sunset spots in Rhodes

The sunsets in Rhodes are magical! There’s something majestic about the sun setting for the day. The dramatic colors that paint the horizon are going to capture your senses.

Being on the island of the Sun – the god of the Sun, Sunset is one of the most impressive moments of the  day. Why not make it even more special in these amazing locations?

We collected the most popular ones just for you!

Monte Smith Hill

The Monte Smith hill stands out above the town of Rhodes, which is amphitheatrically built at its foot. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the unique panoramic view of the city of Rhodes and the beautiful bay of Ixia.
In our opinion the spot offers one of the most beautiful sunsets on the island.

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view while enjoying the Aegean Sea and all the highlights from Mediaeval Town you can try the Mediaeval Sunset e-bike tour

monolithos rhodes

Castle of Monolithos

The Castle of Monolithos served as a critical fortress during the Middle Ages, due to its location on a steep slope of 100 meters. Since it has never been besieged, the structure has remained relatively well maintained in recent years. Elevated above the sea on the west coast of Rhodes, you can hike in the ruins via a specially designed hiking trail.

The panoramas of the rugged coastline and the Aegean, as well as the ruins of this once majestic bastion, are usually bathed in golden light at dusk. You can also visit the 2 white chapel ruins, which offer you a nice view of the surrounding landscapes. The castle of Monolithos is located about 5 km northwest of Fourni beach, allowing you to capture the same sunset in 2 different locations in one day!


Filerimos hill rhodes

The hill of Filerimos

Filerimos is a great location to visit both day and night! As you walk the path of Golgotha ​​to the great cross, you will feel that it is a spiritual aura. It can be not only a beautiful sunset show for your eyes, but also for your soul!

As you approach the point of view, you will first be impressed by the big cross 17.8 m. And then, see the airport runway with landing and take-off planes, as well as the panoramic view of Ialyssos, Ixia and the city of Rhodes. It is an ideal place to watch the cities go from day to night, to make an unforgettable hiking tour on the trails and to smell and get to know the local herbs.

Kritinia caslte rhodes

Castle of Kritinia

The Castle of Kritinia was built by the Knights of Agios Ioannis in 1472. The ruined castle is located on top of a hill, rising above the nearby village of Kritinia. It was of great strategic value when the Ottoman Turks tried to conquer Rhodes, thanks to its proximity to the Aegean Sea and the panoramic view of the surroundings.

When it comes to sunsets in Rhodes, Kritinia Castle is hard to match with most of the sites on this Mediterranean island. The charming village of Kritinia, olive groves that line the coast and islands on the horizon offer a great scene when the sun sets over the ruins of the castle.

kato petres rhodes

Kato Petres

The city of Rhodes is probably the most popular choice to watch the sunset! It has the most positive atmosphere of any place around.

For a unique view, walk down the road to the view of Kato Petra (opposite the Rhodos Horizon Hotel) where you can enjoy the view of Ixia Bay on your left, the city of Rhodes on your right and a beautiful faded sun above the coasts of Turkey forward. The ever-changing palette of the sunset will inspire your soul!

If you want to enjoy the sunset in an … alternative way, you can do yoga sunset , whether you are a lover of yoga or you just want the absolute calm and relaxation in one of the most enchanting places of Rhodes!

Fourni beach rhodes

Fournoi beach

During the day, Fourni Beach is a beloved shoreline for families, thanks to its calm waves, beautiful rock formations that encircle the beach, and convenient facilities. You can easily spend the entire day on the pebbled waterfront, enjoy a refreshing beverage at a cafe, or hang out on a sun lounger.

Fourni Beach lies on the west of Rhodes and has incredible natural backdrops, so it’s a good idea to stay until dusk. Climb up to the tiny peninsula for stellar views over the beach, the bright blue Aegean Sea, and limestone cliffs to the south. We recommend bringing a camera when visiting this little outcrop in Monolithos.

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