What Explore-Rhodes really is?

 If we have to describe it in 2-3 words, we will say that it is the love for life. Where life for us means nature, knowledge, images, tradition, wellness, fun, Greece!

Because Rhodes is a wonderful island, with strong elements of tradition, beautiful beaches, dreamy sunsets, green mountains and special nature!

Why in Rhodes?

Our goal is through our activities, to bring the visitor close to all these elements, to experience the authenticity of the tradition, to taste local treats, to capture wonderful images of sunrise, sunset and nature and finally to leave feeling full of images, emotions and perfumes of Greece!

Our activities are unique, but surely our people, whom we have chosen very carefully, are the ones who make them stand out, through their knowledge, their smile and their positive aura, but also their love for what they do.

As a company we are small, but with boundless love for what we do and for the people we meet through our work.

Joining Explore-Rhodes means I love culture, tradition, I love wellness and I respect the environment.