7+1 Suggestions for an unforgettable getaway in Rhodes

Have you chosen the island of the Knights in your plans this year? Perfect! When we refer to Rhodes, we are definitely talking about an ideal destination that can cater to every taste! Explore Rhodes gives you some suggestions that you will definitely love!

  1. Tour of the Medieval city

Starting the exploration in the medieval city of Rhodes and visiting the Palace of the Grand Master, it is sure that you will feel a journey through time! Browse its alleys, hold hands under the lanterns in its narrow alleys, shop for local traditional products from its numerous shops on Socratous Street, “hug” with your own eyes its imposing walls!

  1. Strolling in Monte Smith

The sequel will find you on the famous hill of the city, Monte Smith, where you can admire the Acropolis of Rhodes, take a walk to the ancient stadium of Diagoras passing through its olive grove and gaze at the beautiful sunset from the highest point of the city.

  1. Stop at Tsampikas beach

Its shallow blue waters and its endless sandy beach will make you feel like you are in the desert oasis, as its shape suggests. The wonderful image of Tsampika beach is completed by the homonymous church of Panagia, from where, if you climb the 300 steps, the view will surely reward you!

  1. One day in Lindos

Lindos is a wonderful village with Cycladic architecture that dominates the middle of the island and belongs to the must see! Going there either by road or by boat, you will enjoy its wonderful alleys, you will taste local delicacies, you will swim in the clear blue waters of Agios Pavlos and you will capture the most beautiful photo from its Acropolis!

  1. Cool off in the Valley of the Butterflies

The Valley of the Butterflies will give you what you are looking for, through beautiful green shady paths, springs with crystal clear waters and wooden bridges, which you will enjoy through unique butterfly fluttering, as we refer to a rare habitat, where the beautiful moth Panaxia Quadripunctaria finds shelter..

  1. Gastronomic escape in the village of Embona

Greece and good food, go together! The sequel will find you in the village of Embona, a wonderful, full of folklore part of the interior of the island, with a warm, human atmosphere, ideal for lovers of delicious local meat and excellent wine!

  1. Reaching the.. extremes

And for the “erasure” of the holidays..we suggest a visit to the southernmost tip of the island, Prasonisi! A place with significant environmental interest, ideal for surf lovers, as on one side there is always a wave, compared to the other which is characterized by apnea!

Last but not least.

Try the herb hiking in filerimos, a unique walk through the woods that will give you the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of Rhodes, to learn about its herbs and of course to enjoy the magnificent view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea.

The magic… at its best!

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